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How I’m Using to Improve My Mental Health - MindOS User Story

Written By Leon Macfayden

I've recovered from a 20-year battle with PTSD and schizophrenia. My mental health is better than it has ever been. But that doesn't mean everything’s perfect:

  • I still have bad days where I feel the black dog of depression biting at my heels

  • I still have times where my mind feels overloaded with thoughts and pressure

  • I still have times when I want to vent and complain without worrying my loved ones

Therefore, I'm always looking for new ways to continue my recovery. Life is about striving to improve ourselves. That's why I'm grateful to have been introduced to a new app called "".


I think of as a second brain. I can use it on the go to remember anything so that I don't have to. will handle PDF's, links, any thoughts I put into it and even voice memos. It does all the organizing for me. I can then ask it to find what I need, and it does the hard work for me - quickly and efficiently.

The most exciting thing about for me is that it uses AI to link your notes and come up with inspiring new ideas.

The icing on the cake is that gives privacy and safety regardless of your chosen device. It's parent company Mind OS adheres to the United States Data Protection guidelines and the General Data Protection Regulation.

How I'm using to improve my mental health


I first discovered the benefits of when I started using it to vent. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand with mental illness. One always makes the other one worse. Over the years, my family have been wonderful - they listen to my problems and let me rant before calming me down. They make me feel better, but it has a negative effect on them.

Now I can vent to an app. I can dump my thoughts into to review later. Once I've calmed down, I can look for patterns in my thoughts and even find triggers to pay attention to in future.

These are some examples of exactly how I've been using to vent recently:

  • Recently I felt like mental illness was like a storm in my mind. I didn't have anything to be anxious about, but when the storm comes, it finds something to latch onto. During that time, that subject becomes the most important thing in my world. When the storm passes, I'm left thinking "What was all that about?" I wrote in my notes:

Mental illness is like a storm in the mind. When it passes, the anxiety drops even when the situation hasn't changed.

Later that day, I'd forgotten all about this realization. It was only by coming back to that I remembered. This will help in future because I'll know that when the "storm" comes I need to stay calm and remind myself that this too shall pass.

  • I recently asked my dear readers what they are most struggling with. Many replied so I decided, rather than leave them all in my inbox that I would transfer them to acts as a filing system with its own AI secretary that can pull up info I need immediately.


Being able to store thoughts and ideas is fantastic enough, but what makes exceptional is its use of AI to help you solve problems and combine your notes into new ideas.

First, I clicked on "ask" and asked the AI to "inspire me" based on recent notes. Previously, I'd come up with a title for this newsletter and stored it in The AI told me:

You've been using to positively impact your mental health. It's great to see how technology can be a supportive tool in managing well-being.

Regarding seeing mental illness as a storm in the mind, told me:

This metaphor beautifully captures the transient nature of mental struggles.


If you click on one of your notes, an option appears to "Connect the dots". Going back to the note I made about what my readers are struggling with, one of the answers was describing the gap between becoming aware of a trauma and fixing it. I put this as a note in MeBot. In the "Connect the dots" section, it gave me the option to learn:

How can I better understand the gap between trauma discovery and recovery? recommended:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Addressing the physical symptoms which trauma leaves on the body

  • Having a strong support system of family, friends or support groups

  • Having patience and self-compassion

I can now make these recommendations notes and go as far down the rabbit hole as I choose. All of this from 1 simple note.


I haven't even scratched the surface yet of what can do but already it is making my life easier and happier. Everything I've told you in this article can be done for free on the app, but there are paid plans available if you want to upgrade.

I'd recommend this product to anyone struggling with their mental health. Soon I'll show you how I'm using to help with creativity.




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