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10 Best AI Text Generators in 2024 [Free, Paid]

Updated: Jul 3

AI text generators

The AI text generation field has evolved significantly since the launch of ChatGPT, with a variety of large language models (LLMs) now available to developers. While OpenAI's GPT remains prominent, models like Meta's Llama, Claude, and Google Gemini have emerged, offering diverse AI text generation options. These models can be self-trained, deployed, or accessed via APIs. Developers leverage AI text generators to enhance productivity and efficiency in content creation. Despite the marketing focus of many tools, their core purpose remains efficient text generation using AI models. This trend reflects the integration of AI text generation tools into diverse applications, providing developers with a range of options to enhance content creation processes.

AI adoption has indeed become an inevitable trend, permeating various industries and processes. This article aims to delve into the realm of AI text generation, providing insights into the current landscape of popular AI generation tools. By analyzing the features, pros, and cons of these tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of AI-powered text generation platforms.

What is an AI Generator?

AI Tools for Generating Text Content

An AI generator is a sophisticated software tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can automatically produce human-like text, images, or other content based on input data or prompts. These generators utilize deep learning models, such as large language models (LLMs), to understand patterns in data and generate coherent and contextually relevant content. AI generators can be trained on vast amounts of data to enhance their language understanding and content creation capabilities, enabling them to mimic human creativity in generating text, artwork, music, and more.

Why Do You Need an AI Generator?

AI Generator

AI generators offer several benefits that make them valuable tools in various industries and applications. Firstly, they can significantly boost productivity by automating content creation processes, saving time and effort for users. Additionally, AI generators can help overcome creative blocks by providing inspiration and generating diverse content ideas. They also enable personalized content creation at scale, allowing businesses to engage with their audience more effectively. Overall, AI generators streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and improve efficiency in content generation tasks.

Pros and Cons of AI Generator

Pros of AI Text Generators

  1. Efficiency: AI generators can produce content quickly and at scale, saving time and resources.

  2. Creativity: They offer innovative content ideas and creative solutions for various industries.

  3. Consistency: AI generators maintain a consistent tone and style in content creation.

  4. Personalization: They enable personalized content tailored to specific audiences.

  5. Automation: AI generators automate repetitive tasks, freeing up human resources for more strategic work.

Cons of AI Text Generators

  1. Quality Control: Ensuring the accuracy and relevance of generated content may require human oversight.

  2. Bias: AI generators can reflect biases present in the training data, leading to biased outputs.

  3. Complexity: Implementing and fine-tuning AI generators may require technical expertise.

  4. Cost: Developing and maintaining AI generators can be costly, especially for custom solutions.

  5. Dependency: Overreliance on AI generators may limit human creativity and critical thinking in content creation processes.

10 Best AI Text Generators in 2024

Unlike basic email tools that offer simple filtering, is built to be the premier email AI assistant on the market. It serves as an intelligent email companion, collaborative partner, and a digital twin for your professional memories.

  • Your Memory Twin effortlessly stores meeting notes, project updates, and client conversations, allowing easy retrieval through simple queries, eliminating the need for complex email searches. As you use it more, leverages the data it gathers to unlock powerful features, enhancing its capabilities over time.

  • Your Inbox Automation Powerhouse empowers you to automate your email tasks effortlessly, freeing you to focus on more important goals. With no need for complex scripting, anyone can use it. Just use natural language to create simple "if this, then that" rules to trigger automated actions, and let handle the rest.

  • Message Summaries for Faster Response 

In the fast-paced business world, lengthy emails can be burdensome. uses advanced AI to condense messages, delivering all the crucial information without losing clarity. If you feel something is missing, simply inform the AI, and it will adjust to ensure you receive all the information you deem important. You can also request summaries of varying detail, from snappy daily overviews to detailed newsletter-style updates. can even summarize attachments, providing brief descriptions of images and their relevance.

  • AI Drafts to Overcome Writer's Block 

Whether starting from scratch or refining an existing message, helps you overcome writer's block. It offers suggestions to cut through jargon while maintaining your writing style and aligning with your preferred voice and tone, ensuring a seamless experience for any reader.

mindos mebot

Notion AI

Notion AI seamlessly integrates a powerful AI text generator into your Notion workspaces, enhancing your productivity. This tool can assist you in generating first drafts, summarizing your notes, correcting spelling and grammar, and even brainstorming new ideas. Moreover, it can answer questions about the content within your Notion workspace, among many other features. If you're a Notion user, exploring Notion AI is highly recommended for its comprehensive capabilities.

  • Model: Various models from OpenAI, Cohere, and Anthropic

  • Platform: Web

  • Pricing: $10/month for unlimited use (subject to fair usage limits)


Jasper, a prominent AI text generation tool, offers custom AI models and access to major third-party models like Open AI, Cohere, and Anthropic. While Jasper markets itself as an AI marketing application, it excels in producing high-quality, customizable content suitable for various purposes, including social media and content marketing. Users can tailor the generated content to align with their brand voice. However, Jasper's pricing is relatively high compared to other tools, emphasizing the importance of utilizing the free trial to ensure compatibility with your needs. Jasper's integration with Zapier enables seamless automation and connectivity with other work applications, streamlining AI text generation processes.

  • Model: Jasper employs both custom AI models and significant third-party models from Open AI, Cohere, and Anthropic to enhance its text generation capabilities.

  • Platform: Web, Chrome

  • Pricing: From $49/month for unlimited AI-generated words is an impressive AI text generator that has evolved into a comprehensive marketing app. In addition to creating copy for a variety of needs, such as Instagram posts and marketing emails, it offers repeatable workflows that can summarize information from company websites and LinkedIn profiles.

  • Model: GPT

  • Platform: Web

  • Pricing: Free for 2,000 words/month; from $49/month for unlimited words


Anyword is akin to a moderately skilled assistant that requires some oversight. Instead of entering a single prompt and letting the AI handle everything, the editor prompts you to guide it through the text generation process. This makes it ideal for creating long-form content such as blog posts.

  • Model: Doesn't specify

  • Platform: Web

  • Pricing: From $49/month for Starter with unlimited words

  • Model: Custom AI model as well as major third-party models from OpenAI and Anthropic

  • Platform: Web

  • Pricing: Writesonic offers a free plan allowing 25 standard generations per month. For more extensive usage, there is a paid option starting at $20 per month for unlimited standard generations and 50 credits per month for advanced generations.


Sudowrite is one of the rare AI writing generators specifically designed for fiction—and it excels in this area. Rather than writing a story for you, its AI tools like Describe and Brainstorm provide a collaborative writing partner to share ideas and offer suggestions. For fiction writers, it's definitely worth exploring.

  • Model: Custom AI model plus third-party models like Claude 2, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4

  • Platform: Web

  • Pricing: From $19/month for 225,000 credits


Coda stands out as one of the top workspace and document applications available. Similar to Notion and other comparable apps, it offers a robust set of in-line AI capabilities. With Coda, you can generate drafts, outlines, and new content with ease. Additionally, its AI can summarize and extract key information from your documents, making it a versatile tool for enhancing productivity. Whether you're drafting a report, organizing a project, or just managing your daily tasks, Coda's AI features can streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.

  • Model: GPT

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android

  • Pricing: From $12/user with 2,000 credits/month


Mem is an innovative AI-powered notes app that excels in self-organization. While it includes a powerful AI text generator, what truly sets Mem apart is its ability to pull from the notes you've already stored on the platform. This feature ensures that the generated text is highly personalized and tailored to your specific needs. Beyond simple note-taking, Mem's AI can help you organize your thoughts, draft personalized content, and quickly retrieve relevant information from your notes. If you're in search of a new notes app that offers advanced AI capabilities and personalized assistance, Mem is definitely worth exploring.

  • Model: GPT

  • Platform: Web, iOS

  • Pricing: From $14.99/month

Hypotenuse AI

Similar to the other AI text generators mentioned, Hypotenuse AI can transform a few keywords into a complete blog post, product listing, or social media post. What sets it apart, however, is its batch creation tools, enabling you to bulk produce product listings and SEO copy with the help of AI.

  • Model: Unclear

  • Platform: Web

  • Pricing: From $29/month for 50,000 words

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