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7 AI Strategies to Harness Real Time Personalization in 2024

A man busy at work, receiving real time personalization suggestions from several AI.

AI looks set to reshape the world, much like the internet and computers did after the turn of the millennium. Computers only became popular after they became personal computers, though. So, it stands to reason that AI's success also depends on personalization.

Soon, AI will customize every digital interaction you have. Whether you're browsing the web or making art, AI systems will know what you want, often before you do. This “real time personalization” is the nature of Artificial Diversified Intelligence (ADI). It is already on the cusp of being popular in many industries, so read on to see what this technology offers and how your company can harness it.

1: Emails

Drafting emails can be a laborious process and, as many people know, it can be a huge time sink. Not only do you have to think about what you're replying to, but you also have to factor in who you're speaking to and how urgent your reply is.

An AI email assistant can change everything, taking over so you'll spend less time writing emails and more time being productive. It can analyze your inbox and prioritize emails based on things like:

  • How urgently you tend to reply to emails from the sender

  • The sender’s tone of voice

  • How important the sender is to you

  • The nature of past interactions

The AI can generate draft replies based on the emails' content and tone, meaning all you need to do is make minor edits and click “Send”.

Before you say goodbye to those drafts, ADI can also recommend optimal sending times. As a result, you'll boost response rates, while also improving relationships with colleagues and clients too.

A home office including a computer and AI digital assistant, using real time personalization to decide when to transitioning from day to night.
Experience seamless digital comfort as AI learns your preferences, ensuring your tech environment adapts with you all day, every day.

2: Video Games

Ever wish game in-game characters would stop with the exposition and just tell you what you need to know to get to the action? It may be surprising, but real time personalization can help here too.

This AI tool can adjust gameplay to your unique preferences, matching the style and difficulty of every interaction to how you like to play. As you can imagine, this opens the door to highly customized experiences.

For example, are you someone who hates combat? Then ADI can reduce battles to brief encounters and give you more puzzles instead. Or, if you love diving into lore, it can increase the frequency of story elements, or even write more lore on the fly.

AI can also make gameplay more comfortable. For players sensitive to flashing lights or other visual elements, they won't have to manually adjust settings. They can count on AI to adjust sensory inputs like flashing lights or loud noises so they have a more enjoyable experience.

3: Travel

Successful trips require a lot of planning in advance; on average, we spend five hours researching every major journey we take. This can be taxing, and by the time your departure date arrives, you're no longer excited.

An AI travel planner can generate travel itineraries based on your interests. It'll also factor in your previous trips, budget, and activity level. This ensures that you won't schedule anything you can't handle.

With real time personalization, you'll spend less time planning. Instead, you'll be able to live in the moment more.

Your itinerary isn't static, either. The AI can adapt your travel schedules based on the weather and local events. Plus, it'll consider your energy levels and moods from wearable device data to alter plans so you're not exhausted.

On top of that, it can even make culinary recommendations. Enjoy local food suggestions that fit your dietary restrictions and taste preferences. This results in memorable food experiences you'll remember forever.

4: Workplace Enhancements

In the workplace, it's easy to get sidetracked and fall behind. Studies even show that 42% of workers don't get a straight hour of productive work due to distractions. Luckily, AI real time personalization can take some of your role off your hands and help you stay focused on what really matters.

For instance, you can use an AI agent to prioritize your tasks based on things like:

  • Your personal work pace

  • How fast you have historically taken on each task

  • How urgent it understands each task to be

  • How much you tend to enjoy specific work

You can make things more personalized in your workspace, too, creating a more comfortable space. With AI's aid, you can adjust office conditions, like lighting and temperature. This is all possible due to the AI analyzing your personal comfort data and productivity insights.

Artificial intelligence business analytics can also assist with tailored learning. Employees can receive unique learning modules and other opportunities based on a variety of factors. This helps everyone get the best learning experience possible.

A side-by-side representation of how AI-powered predictive personalization offers tailored experiences based on your unique style, no matter the device you use..
ADI ensures consistency and personalization across all interaction channels, adapting to every user's unique style.

5: Professional Networking Tools

Often, landing that dream job is about being in the right place and time, as well as connecting with the right people. Increase your chances of that happening by using real time personalization to regain that upper hand.

Sifting through job postings can be tedious, so leave this to AI. It can notify you about job opportunities tailored to your ambitions, skills, and location, saving you time to write better resumes.

Through artificial intelligence analytics, you can even find ideal networking events. The AI can then curate them based on:

  • Your career goals

  • Your level of industry experience

  • Your past attendance at similar events

  • Whether your contacts are likely to be there

While you're at these events, the AI will make highly relevant connection suggestions as well. These people might have interests, connections, or professional goals that you can leverage to gain an advantage in the job market.

6: Pet Care

Real time personalization isn't only about you; your pets can benefit as well. Considering how many pets might have just as many demands as a human child, if you have pets you may welcome any help you can get.

What's great about predictive personalization is it can even customize pet food suggestions. The AI will take into account facts such as:

  • What breed your pet is

  • Your pet’s age

  • Any pre-existing or possible health conditions

  • Past preferences

Plus, it can recommend activities and toys that match your dog's energy levels and engagement behaviors. If you are struggling with the pet’s behavior, you can even get personalized training tips and videos, too.

7: Dynamic Content

Modern content creation is a delicate balancing act. Content creators often need to choose between creative innovation and general appeal. Because of this, imaginative ideas are often cut to avoid alienating general audiences.

Think of a video ad with a heavy metal soundtrack. While it's appealing to alternative music devotees, most companies wouldn't take the risk. They'd worry non-fans would switch off right away.

In the future, artificial intelligence analytics could easily offer ad agencies a better idea of who their fans are and what they want to see. This allows creators to cater to niche audiences and take even bigger creative risks.

Reflect Your Identity With Real Time Personalization

General personalization strategies may have worked in the past, but today's users want more. Thankfully, personalized AI such as ADI can meet these demands.

For instance, MindOS Studio allows a company to leverage each users' unique identities and mindsets. This enables real time personalization for almost limitless applications. Whether you use it for personal or professional purposes, it's the key to better efficiency and outreach.

If you're interested, then try MindOS Studio for free today. See for yourself how we can bring your company to the forefront of transformative AI innovation.


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