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Meet MindOS:
Your Digital Memory Twin

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The Perfect AI for Productivity, Recollection, and Planning

30,000+ users

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Your Perfect AI Memory

Need to remember something?

Let MindOS know. It's like having a friend who never forgets.

MindOS is the perfect AI for note-taking, transcribing meetings, or capturing all your important documents, at work or home. 

With a single message, MindOS can quickly retrieve any of these "memories" for you to reference. It's everything you know, all in one place!

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Your Brain's Research AI

Too much work? Not enough time?

Whether you want to analyze a lengthy PDF or need an AI summary generator to catch you up on transcripts, MindOS is the perfect tool to turn to.

MindOS can split the content into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Then, you can ask it for any details, knowing you can more easily digest the information.

It can even organize any images or text into its digital memory for reference later. Not only is MindOS a helpful reading buddy, but it's the best AI research assistant out there.

Your Personal AI Planner

Tired of tackling everything yourself?

MindOS understands your needs before you have even considered them. It can act as an AI day planner, setting up a schedule and helping you finish your day's tasks.

Let it automate tedious tasks, update you on important news, and even organize your email and calendar, whether you're on the go or relaxing.

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A set of user testimonials describing how they use MindOS as an AI research assistant or for other tasks
A set of user testimonials describing how they use the AI for note taking and other tasks
The GDPR seal of approval
The USDP seal of approval

MindOS strictly adheres to the United States Data Protection (USDP) guidelines and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure it meets the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Meet Your Memory Twin

Memorize, categorize, and organize your digital life with MindOS.

100 credits for new users

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